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Brownells 1911 Catalog - Page 52

Choosing The Right Holster For Your 1911 GENERAL PURPOSE OUTSIDE THE WAISTBAND (OWB) Bianchi CarryLok™ Holster available from Brownells via Special Order. 1911 aUTO citizens and competition shooters. No matter which 1911 pistol you choose, it will be completely useless if it’s sitting at home in the gun safe when you need it. Having the right holster to carry your pistol is just as vitally important as having the right 1911. Duty, concealed carry, and competition are all different purposes that require different holsters. Identify the purpose for your 1911, and then narrow down your holster choices from there. Each type of holster has its own particular benefits and limitations. Here are some basic guidelines to help you choose. he 1911 remains a popular T handgun for law enforcement, professional security, legally-armed INSIDE THE WAISTBAND (IWB) Milt Sparks Summer Special 2 IWB holster—see page 53. Blade-Tech Kydex Belt Holster—see page 52. • • • HOLSTErS/Mag POUCHES Basic open hip holster for range use, duty, hunting or legal open carry Secures the pistol, but still gives quick access Attaches to belt on strong side Wide variety of active and passive retention systems available Many adjust for carry angle, ride height and cant (forward/rearward tilt) • • • • • For concealed carry—requires cover garment like vest, jacket or untucked shirt Attaches to belt and rides outside your pants Worn just behind or just in front of the point of the hip Still allows fast access to gun Draw stroke requires you to sweep cover garment out of the way • • • • • • Deeper concealment than OWB—allows more flexibility in attire Rides inside the waistband of your pants & requires pants a size or two larger Worn just behind or just in front of the point of the hip Some are “tuckable,” letting you tuck a shirt over the holster and into your pants Also works with cover garment like vest, jacket or untucked shirt Access to gun slower if tucked, and draw may require pulling shirttail out of pants • • B ROWNELLS . . . ONLY THE BEST . . . PAGE 50 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SINCE 1939 Office/Tech: 641-623-5401

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